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Creating your custom jewish calendar is easy

Our step-by-step calendar design service has been specifically created for novice users and our templates are professionally-designed for institutions, schools and chabad houses. Custom wall calendars help get your message out. Add your own photos of your activities to give your calendars a personal touch, or Personalize your message with uplifting sayings to highlight your accomplishments or holidays. Begin your customization by choosing from a wide array of layouts and designs that allow you to easily personalize your wall calendar.

Great calendar

A4 or Letter

Affordable Price

950€ | 1150$ for 32 pages

High quality design

Modern and professional design


Customisable design and pictures


Customisable to any language

Shabbat times

Custom local shabbat times


Space for ads in every month


High resolution PDF for print provided

Calendar Samples


Cover 01 - Default
Cover 02
Cover 03 - 'Shadow'
Cover 04
Cover 05
Cover 06 - Squares
Cover 07- Psukim
Cover 08 - Psukim
Cover 09 - Psukim
Cover 10 - Moshiach

Choose between different cover samples, and we'll customize it with your logo, title, pictures, and logo colors.

Introduction and custom pages

Intro 01
Intro 02
Pictures 01
Pictures 02
Pictures 03
Programmes 01
Programmes 02
Programmes 03
Custom 01

4 pages for customized text and pictures promoting your institution.

Months pages

Shadow 01 - Default
Shadow 02
Shadow 03
Shadow 04
Shadow 05
Sqaures 01
Squares 02
Squares 03
Rounded - Psukim
Minimalist - Moshiach digital art

Choose between different months samples, and we'll customize it as below:

  • Include your own picture or use the generic default picture (holidays or israel landscapes), include your own text or use our generic text (about holidays in english)
  • Optional: small pictures of activities, ads in top page and/or in empty boxes, Birthdays or Yahrtsheit in daily boxes, logos of activities in daily boxes


There are some options of customisation like:

Generic theme

You can choose which generic theme you want for the big pictures, or your own big pictures


You can choose adding ads on bottom of top part, on bottom of bottom part, on side of bottom part, in empty daily boxes or no ads.

Bottom of Top part
Side of Bottom part
Bottom of Bottom part
Ads in empty boxes
No ads

Birthdays/Yahrtseits, Activities logos

You can add bithdays/yahrtseits, and/or logos of your activities on the dates they will happen, for example, lunch 'n learn, cteen, ckids etc.

Birthdays/Yahrtseits in daily boxes
Activities icons in daily boxes (legend under table)

Small pictures of activities

You can add small pictures of activities on top part of every month, under main big picture.

Default - 3 small
Steps 1
Steps 2
Squares 1
Squares - 3 small

Hebrew dates

Choose between different layouts of hebrew dates

English left - Default
Hebrew left
Hebrew right
Hebrew and English left

Frequently Asked Questions

How many pages are included in the calendar?

32 pages. If you need 4 more pages, it will cost extra 100€/125$.

What is planned in the calendar pages?
  • Page 1: Cover
  • Pages 2-3: Introduction pages
  • Pages 4-29: months september 2020 to september 2021
  • Pages 30-31: custom pages
  • Page 32: Back cover with 3 next months, october to December 2021 or ads.

    You can move custom pages 30-31 to the middle or to pages 4-5.

Which pictures do you propose for big pictures in each month?

You have 2 options:

  • 1. Use ready themed pictures: holidays, israel landscapes, jewsih life, 12 psukim or moshiach.
  • 2. Use your own pictures. Please provide high resolution pictures.
Are the ads design included?

The price includes inserting ready ads, or designing up to 10 ads. For additional basic ads design, the price will be 15€/20$ extra ad.

Ready ads have to be sent in high resolution pdf in exact size. Bad resolution jpg or scanned files ads are not considered as ready.

Which size have to be the ads?

It depends on the design chosen. Once order sent, we will let you know the exact size.

Is it possible to customize the design?

You can choose template of cover, introduction pages, top and bottom parts of each months, and customize with or without ads, with or without small pictures, with generic picture or your own theme... All of this customisation are free.

It's not enough? Do you mean that choosing between different templates doesn't really suit your needs? For example you want more ads, more colorful, another format or whatever... If so, this is not included in the price written above, but we can design everything, just ask for a quote.

Are changes allowed after complete calendar layout?

Yes, 6 sessions of changes are included: 3 sessions at the design step, and 3 at the final step. For more changes sessions, ask for a quote.

What is the approximative deadline?

Calendars layout is done on a first come, first served basis. The earliest you send all the stuff (order, infos, text, pictures and ads), the quickest you will receive final pdf to print. Please contact me once you are ready to start, to have a clearer answer about the planning and the deadline.

Do you provide printing and/or shipping service?

No. "We design, you print." We provide complete design, customization and layout service for calendar, with high resolution pdf ready to print. You take care of printing and shipping.


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